Unparalleled Quality, Freshness, & Taste

Maize Popcorn came about in 2013 through a dream to showcase small businesses in a unique Public Market located in Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket District. What better way to represent the Cornhusker state than with corn—popcorn, that is!

In honor of the state’s agricultural roots and rich native history, we created Maize Popcorn Company. The vision was to offer unparalleled quality, freshness, and taste that would keep popcorn lovers coming back for more. From humble beginnings (Josh and Justin developing caramel corn recipes over a hotplate), one thing has remained constant: our drive to make the best gourmet popcorn in Lincoln...in Nebraska...in America!

Maize Popcorn

Committed to Community Involvement

Here at Maize, the success of our business is tethered to our mission of community involvement. We strive to grow and have our family of employees and customers lifted up with us.

Maize is proud to employ individuals with disabilities who show us every day how rewarding it is to be part of an inclusive and loving community. We are all about bringing a little joy to the hearts of our customers with our tasty snacks, sweet treats and personal service!

The Maize Popcorn Experience

Maize offers an ever-growing selection of gourmet popcorn flavors. We never settle for less than the best when choosing our ingredients, developing recipes, and meeting the needs and desires of our customers. We have a rotation of 6 to 8 specialty popcorn flavors made in small batches each week. Our custom temperature and humidity-controlled display cases preserve the freshness and quality of the popcorn.

So, come in and pick your favorite flavor or mix and match, and we will scoop and serve it to you fresh and warm. Do you have an idea for a new flavor? Let us know. We are always looking for that next great taste! We love interacting with our customers and want you to feel like you are part of our family, whether it's online or in person.

Father & Son Eating at Maize