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Don't Miss a Single Flavor!

Which one is your favorite? Each week, we pop six to eight specialty flavors made in small batches that you can try in our store. 

Choose your favorite or mix and match to try them all! We'll serve it to you fresh!

Maize Popcorn

Handmade Deliciousness

We hand make all our popcorn in small batches. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality and most unique flavors possible. It all starts with Nebraska-grown, premium popping corn. It's popped in white coconut oil, the cleanest and healthiest oil we can buy. From there, we can add salt for a classic taste or tumble it in with any number of sweet, savory, or cheesy ingredients to create one of our wonderful gourmet flavors.

Maize Popcorn

Refill A Popcorn Pail

Buy a clear one-gallon pail filled with your favorite popcorn at the initial price of $15. But the fun doesn't stop there! After you eat that first gallon of yummy popcorn, rinse out your pail and bring it back to Maize. We'll refill it with your choice of popcorn for ONLY $5!

Pop and repeat as many times as you like. Hint: friends & family like endless pails of popcorn, too! They make great gifts!

*10% of the initial pail purchase will go to a local non-profit organization.

Popcorn Refills

Everyone's Favorite Flavor

Our most popular flavor is the Salted Caramel. Every week, we melt real ingredients like sweet cream butter and brown sugar together for our secret caramel recipe. When it's at the perfect temperature, we mix in the premium popcorn and tumble everything together until each piece is coated with that luscious warm caramel. At the very end, we sprinkle on just enough sea salt to make that sweet caramel pop with flavor.

Come on in and try it! Maybe it will become your new obsession too.

Online Orders

Online Orders Available in Clear Pail (1 gal), Party Bags (5 gal), Tins & Gift Boxes.

Maize Popcorn

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